Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Time: 9.25
Calorific Intake: 0
Mood: Ill but optimistic   

Hey Reader,

So today is the start of my five day fast. I've done it before and I can definitely do it again.  It helps that I'm sick as a dog tbh! Its still pretty early so I've obviously not consumed anything yet - not even a glass of water. However if i DO consume anything (which i WONTWONTWONT) I will most definitely puke it right back out in its entirity.

Alcohol has its own rules (naturally).  I keep track of what I've drank and religiously run it off the next day, plus half of it again. So if i consume 500cals worth of alcohol then I have to work off 750 cals. Got it?

On that note must renew my gym membership - it died last week.

RIGHT. So to keep me motivated every day I'll post some of my very favorite thinspiration. This is the goal guys and gals!

Peace out

Ruby x

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