Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Last night and my goals...

Time: 10
Calorific Intake: Today 0, Yesterday 280 in alcohol, about 100 in coffee
Mood: Ill Again

Hi Reader,

So i feel sick again. Lucking i barely had a drink yesterday so i don't have to do too much exercise (5 vodka and soda waters at 56 calories a pop, 280 cals) and a 100 cal starbucks. So if i do plenty of walking and house work and some light push ups, core work and squats, maybe a wee run (although im super sick again) then il get that right back off :)

Today no alcohol so calories will be nice and super low. As long as I'm managing to get rid of 1500 cals a day (easy!) then I should loose AT THE LEAST two lbs in the five days, but I usually seem to loose more.

I definitely think this blog is helping me to keep at it. I'm definately going to try and keep my intake as low as possible after this fast. Maybe keep to about 800 cals a day. Then I'll still be losing at least two and a half to three lbs a week.

I've decided that i really just want a BMI of under 17. Im 5ft7 so that means I'd have to weigh about 108lbs, but tbh i would be happy at 110.

Okay guys, Blog later!


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